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Our Once Upon A Candle Bath Bomb Gift Set is a wonderful treat for anyone. These bath bombs add emollients and softeners to your bath water that moisturizes and indulges your skin. There a six very different scents, from the calmness of our Oatmeal Milk & Honey to the clean scent of Stormy Seas. Oatmeal Milk & Honey has a base of nutty almond that has a kiss of fresh honey. Jamaica Me Crazy is a tropical mango and pineapple with notes of coconut and rum. Sweet Pea is a very feminine soft floral. Stormy Seas has the ozonic fresh air smell with lemongrass and Black currants as background notes. Lavender is just as you would imagine, fresh and floral. Very relaxing. And lastly, we have Mermaids Cove. Scented with our Sea Salt and Orchid it is a soft, clean and fresh scent. Topped with 'pearls' hand picked by Ariel herself.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

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