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Taurus:  Apr 20-May 20, Symbol: The Bull, Sign: Earth


Like the bull that represents them, a Taurus is known to be intelligent, dependable, hardworking. They are dedicated, love stability and find comfort in consistency.    Taurus also values honesty above all else.   Coupled with their hardworking nature is a level of ambition and mental tenacity. That makes a Taurus a true force to be reckoned with. As an earth sign that's also ruled by Venus, a Taurus loves pleasure and enjoy all things luxurious and cozy. There mantra is "Work hard, play hard".


Because a Taurus is well grounded, we have created earth scents with lovely shades of green and balanced that with sweet pleasure of a floral bouquet.  Our candle has strength, beauty and honesty…. just like a Taurus.


  • Oakmoss
  • Rose, jasmine, magnolia 
  • White birch. 


Burn Time:

16oz. - 120 hours

Taurus Candle

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